Why You Need a Beret in Your Wardrobe

When it comes to Meghan Markle, she, born on August 4, 1981, may be renowned as a movie star prior to marry with Prince Harry. As pursuing studies in Northwestern University, she began to play trivial roles in American television. For mixed-race heritage, the girl spent more energy to overcome various obstacles, such as gender inequality, different cultural background, etc. On the American legal drama series Suits, she created her best-known role – Rachel Zane, showing an image of outspoken feminist and addressing issues of gender inequality. Besides, her style and fashion were recognized by many people, publishing a series of clothes in 2016.

Markle married to actor and producer Trevor Engelson in 2011. Nevertheless, the marriage was end with divorce in 2013, only lasting three years. It’s reported her parents divorced when she was six years old. Inspiration occurs to her from time to time, following steps of Emmanuelle Alt.

In an interview with an institution, she voiced prejudice to French styling, which matches outfits with dishevel elements – hair or make-up. When she was young, she is a common California girl, putting on jeans, T-shirts, caps, hats, bucket hats, cut-offs, flip-flops and other clothes. In December 2017, Markle show great interest Scottish retailer after using one handbags to a public event. It reveals that her fashion choices could produce herself style. Obvious boom in websites’ of brands Mackage, Birks, R&R Jewelers, Crown Jewelers and Everlane was witnessed after Markle’s appearance. In addition,

Meghan Markle catches attention from all over the world as preparing to be a member of British royal family. Childhood friends of bride-to-be reveals that Markle is fascinated by the royal family and intends to become Princess Diana 2.0. She got intrigued by not only Princess Diana’s style, but also her humanitarian mission. Nevertheless, Markle said she taken the British royal family as an outsider in her first interview with Harry. No matter whether a fan of Diana or not, the late Princess Diana is still alive in Harry’s Heart.

In the memory of Commonwealth Day, Meghan Markle top off her outfit with beret hat for the first official appearance on Monday. Of course, she cut a striking figure in front of all spectators with his chic cream and navy outfit. Following trends on the season, fiancee of Prince Harry shows a classic in her perfect choice. Certainly, the trend sweep the whole Spring/Summer season, especially in fashion show of Dior. In this condition, berets is the most popular accessories through the whole fashion season. Meghan Markle looks radiant in a matching white coat during her first official show with the Queen of England.

The chic cream beret is designed by Stephen Jones, who was one of a favorite milliner of Princess Diana. Mass people were impressed with the subtle fashion. As a sophisticated fan of berets, the late Princess Diana was photographed many times wearing various styles of hats.

In addition to vogue accessory, the cream overcoat was designed by Amanda Wakeley. Similarly, the British designer once provided many classic clothes for Princess Diana and is favorite designer of some fashion icons.

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